ColumnID's changed not through user action and no notification, GraphQL app broke

Hi there,

A board of ours was being used to collect emails received in an office365 account. A GraphQL app was set up to update the board using columnID’s.
The columnID’s suddenly changed, as such items weren’t being updated across columns.

BoardID: 1622487816

This is the previous mapping:
‘board_column_ids’: {
‘email_link’: ‘email_link’,
‘from_email’: ‘from’,
‘cc_email’: ‘cc’,
‘to_email’: ‘to’,
‘email_subject’: ‘text05’,
‘policy_number’: ‘text79’,
‘body’: ‘body’,
‘email_guid’: ‘text67’

This is the mapping now:
‘board_column_ids’: {
‘email_link’: ‘text26’,
‘from_email’: ‘from1’,
‘cc_email’: ‘cc3’,
‘to_email’: ‘email5’,
‘email_subject’: ‘subject’,
‘policy_number’: ‘policy_num’,
‘body’: ‘long_text7’,
‘email_guid’: ‘text29’

Please advise why they changed, and what can be done in the future to prevent this?