Use logical column id's when columns generated from UI

When generating a column or other elements through the UI, the ID name you get is the default text value, this makes it very hard to prepare a board to be ready for a script/bot/tool to work with it. I need to use the graph API to create the whole skeleton of the board.

The same is true when duplicating a column, you get a weird ID “dup__of_originlname”

So if you create a numbers column and rename it, it will still have the ID numbers, if you duplicate it you get the ID dup__of_numbers… It also appears a developer did a typo for that string suffix, as between the words “dup” and “of” there are two underscore characters instead of one.

I also need this :slight_smile:
It would be SO USEFUL to be able to specify the ID of a column when creating it via the GraphQL API.