Columns reshuffling on their own

Hello helpful people👋

Has anyone had columns or rows reshuffle on their own? I don’t want them to.

There are two boards specifically that do this.

  • There aren’t any automations set up, that trigger moving items on either board
  • One of the boards has no automations at all

Board 1 =
The board columns should look like this
Louisa in | Louisa Out |
(And so on for other peoples names)

But sometimes it mixes them up into any order. And no user/account holder is moving them.

Board 2 =
The rows are reshuffling themselves. The dates are suppose to be in numerical/logical order. But they look like this

I made the board on the website, if that matters at all. The only pattern I see, is when I open both these two boards up on the app. A pop up message says ‘some filters in this view are not yet supported’. Could that be a bugging the board order? Any solutions?