Resize of colums in the mobile app - Sorting and Moving of columns

I seem to be frustrated a little bit.On my desktop dashboards everything seems to work ok when i move the columns in my chosen appearance and also i save the sorting in any view I wish . The problem appears as always at the mobile app of monday. Three major issues

1)The columns are being arranged somehow as Monday “wishes” . No relevance with the desktop appearance via the browser.Also no way to arrange columns inside the app as I wish . Major bug i believe
2)The sorting I make at the browser and save in a view seems to get lost at the mobile app.Also even if i make the sorting inside the mobile app i cannot save it for the next time i visit the board.Also sorting does not work with more than one sort option.
3)Last but not least there is no way to resize the colummns inside the mobile app and therefore i cannot view the contents as i wish.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated