Save sorting of a board in monday app

First, sorry for my english, I’m a german user.
I’ve saved a sorting for one column in one of my boards on the desktop (and it works, so it’s always sorted as I want from the beginning).
But when opening the board on the (iPad) App, which is the main usage device, it’s not sorted by that column. Do you have an idea, what I could do to also save the sorting within the app?
Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Larissa_VANTOPIA - Try saving your sorting preferences as a custom View, and then you should be able to make that view the default. I believe this will work on your iPad (but I don’t have one to test it myself).

Hi, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately I already tried this and it’s not working. The default view is the one that opens (by default) also on the iPad, but it’s not sorted by the column I want it to be sorted.