Android app items not sorted the same as desktop item sorting

I sorted items newest on top in the desktop crm. I opened the android app and the items are not sorted the same. the only sorting i can find is a-z sorting. how can i make it sort newest items on top?

It is crucial for me to see the newest items on top. these are incoming web forms. Newest leads are most important and must be on top. when you have 2000 leads a-z is useless

Hey @dfurt :wave:

Sorting a board and saving that sort will save it as a new view, but not as the main view. If you sorted your columns and created a new view in your board but you were looking at the main view in your mobile device, you would not see the sorted version on the mobile device.

If you continue to have issues, however, please reach out to and we would be happy to continue assisting you there!

As for sorting based on when the item is created, I would suggest utilizing The Creation Log Column or The Auto Number Column and sort these columns instead to get the newest to latest sorting you need.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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