New Item should be created on to of a group not the bottom

I use zapier to create new items from new incoming emails, the new items is being created on the bottom of the group, I have a group with a few thousands items, I would like the new item to be created on top of the group, otherwise I have to scroll down and it its time consuming.


Your best best is probably to sort your board by a meaning full column. If you want it sorted by newest at the top, you can add the “creation log” column and sort by that.

To sort the items, just hover over the column heading of the column that you want to sort by then click the little blue double arrow that pops up… you can then save it if you want.

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Thanks @JCorrell
I did it but it won’t sort out new created items to appear on top of the group automatically.
Do you suggest to sort each time going in to the board?


When you added the sort did it put the most recently added items at the top? I would expect that if it did, you should be seeing new items at the top relatively soon after they are added.

You might try refreshing. But, that should not be necessary.