Move '+ Add Item' to the top of a Group

The option to move ‘+ Add Item’ to the top of a Group. Currently, it’s at the bottom and you need to scroll all the way down to add/see new Items.

Ex. Someone assigns you a task and, using automations, an Item is created on your Board. If the new Item/task is at the bottom, you could miss seeing it.

Thank you, Monday, for the chance to submit requests.

When a group has a lot of items, there is a lot of unnecessary scrolling to get to the Add Item box. It would improve efficiency if there was a way to move the Add Item box to the top of a group (or if the top was the default location).


Seconded. It feels inefficient to have this at the bottom.


Looking for the ability to add a new pulse at the top of a group, rather than bottom (current default). Currently, expanding a collapsed group to add a new pulse requires user to scroll all the way to the bottom of said group — for big groups, this is inefficient.

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As a user, I want to see the ‘Add Item’ CTA at the top of the group, so that I don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom, just to add an item.

If my group has a large number of items, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom just to add a new item. I should be able to add a new item without having to scroll.

Having the option to set new items to appear at the top or bottom on the board (groups) will improve user experience. We prefer all new item to default to the top of the list.

We use sort and save however it never seems to stick.

Is it possible to have the devs add something simple to the platform that has the ADD NEW ITEM/TASK/LEAD/etc. to the very top of each group? That way we don’t have to scroll all the way down to add something new to a group that has dozens and dozens or more of items in that group? As an example, one of my clients has so many leads in a group that to add a new one it’s a daunting task to have to keep scrolling all the way down every time they need to add it.

Also, could we add a shortcut that is ADD NEW ITEM/LEAD/ETC so when we hit that, it goes right to that Add New cell?

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any update on this being put into place?

Hey everyone!

I have checked in with the product team and shared your concerns. At this stage, I am not aware of any changes being made to this feature, however, if any information is shared, I will be sure to update the thread :+1:

For those who are still waiting for Monday’s team to implement this feature I have a work around.

Unfortunately we can’t edit the “Main table” which is another issue, but follow these steps to implement.

  1. You need to create a column in your items that is synced to creation date. ( lock this column so nobody can touch it )
  2. You can then create a filter/sort view with the date descending.
  3. Once it works and your items are inverted (now showing Newest at top) save view as “new board” In my case I called it “Primary Table”
  4. Then simply set this new view (primary table) as default and delete your old “Main Table”
  5. your new default view when entering this board should have a saved sort feature inverting your items by creation date.

Feel free to call your saved view what ever you like, once there was no duplicate naming I changed “primary table” to “main table” so that it matched the existing user behaviour for my team.

Hope this helps!

How do you delete the old “Main Table”?

Unfortunately, you cannot do that.
So what I normally do is use that as my unfiltered board.

It is irritating, but such is the UX of Monday in a lot of cases. I imagine there is a strange reason we cannot delete it.

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