Move '+ Add Item' to the top of a Group

The option to move ‘+ Add Item’ to the top of a Group. Currently, it’s at the bottom and you need to scroll all the way down to add/see new Items.

Ex. Someone assigns you a task and, using automations, an Item is created on your Board. If the new Item/task is at the bottom, you could miss seeing it.

Thank you, Monday, for the chance to submit requests.

When a group has a lot of items, there is a lot of unnecessary scrolling to get to the Add Item box. It would improve efficiency if there was a way to move the Add Item box to the top of a group (or if the top was the default location).


Seconded. It feels inefficient to have this at the bottom.

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Looking for the ability to add a new pulse at the top of a group, rather than bottom (current default). Currently, expanding a collapsed group to add a new pulse requires user to scroll all the way to the bottom of said group — for big groups, this is inefficient.

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