Saving a boards SORT

When I add a SORT to a column on my board and save it, why does it not persist?

Turns out whenever a new item is added to a board, the sorting is wiped out.

Is there any way around this other than saving the sort as a new view?

Hey @Regan!

This sounds a little strange as the sort should still remain even if an item is created. Is there a specific condition set in the new item that would be causing this - for example a specific default status set?

Additionally, I am afraid in order for the sort to save you will need to continue saving the sort as a new view. I apologise that this isn’t an ideal process for you - I will certainly take this with our internal team :pray:

Has this been fixed?
I’m seeing a similar problem. when new items are added to the board they just go to the bottom, instead of being sorted by the column values i have specified.

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So is the solution for auto-sorting columns still to continuously save it as a new view?

Hi Dani,

It’s not that you need to continuously save it as a new view. You just need to have a separate view and use that (which you can set as the default view). has a “Main Table”. This is never “sorted” per se and you cannot save any sorts or filters or conditional formatting to the Main Table. If you sort items, you can save that in an instant, but it will not apply to any new items.

Any view that you create, however, can have a “sort” saved to it. This will always sort the items in that view and new items will be sorted as well. No need to recreate that view.

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Ohhh ok that makes more sense, thank you!

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I have this issue also. And I do have a separate view which is set as the default. My steps within this view: Sort button, select field (“Follow-up Date”) and “Save to this View”. It works temporarily but 100% of the time it will not persist. Every time I come back to this board and that view, the sort is no longer in place and I have to repeat it again.

Hello Team Monday

I have a similar problem with sorting items by multiple sorts. When I create and save my sorting to a new table, even if I make this table the main table, it will still not reflect on my dashboard. Dashboards always reflect only sorts from the default Main Table which can not be safe. Would you be so kind to help me with this issue? Thank you.

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