Unable to save and reflect board on my dashboard

Hello Team Monday

I have an issue with sorting items by multiple sorts. When I create and save my sorting to a new table, even if I make this table the main table, it will still not reflect on my dashboard. Dashboards always reflect only sorts from the default Main Table, which is not safe. Would you be so kind to help me with this issue? Thank you.

Hey @Tommy,

What kind of sorting are you trying to do? How about sorting your data directly in your dashboard?

Hello, @Leandre_R ,

I have noticed that you cannot do multiple sorting on the dashboard level. However, on board level, you are able to sort by multiple columns and save it. But when I saved my sort on board level and wanted to see it on dashboard level in the “Table widget” I could not find any solution for that. I would like to sort by 3 columns: 1st, “Formula Column” (Mirrored column from another board); 2nd, “TimeLine” Column (Mirrored from another board); and 3rd, “Tag” Column. When I save this as a view and set this view as the default board view, sort will not reflect on my dashboard, which is connected to this board. This is very important for us, as we are using dashboards. I look forward to your reply. :slight_smile:

Hello @Tommy ! I just understood what you meant; I’m not a native English speaker, and I didn’t quite grasp your request! Indeed, if I’m not mistaken, there is no way to display a SORTED view on a dashboard.

Thank you, @Leandre_R for your reply. That’s what we’re currently struggling with. So I was wondering if I could find help here. This sorting should already be included on the dashboard level as well as on board, but it is not.

Hey @Tommy,

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that that is a feature for the dashboards as yet. It’s definitely something worth requesting as a feature as it would be powerful. There is slight workaround that you could try, but it would mean that you lose the ability to edit the records on your dashboard. If visibility of the records in the specific order is that critical, then I think this may be the best option. I’ve recorded a Loom demonstrating it for you - hope it helps.

Yell if you have any questions though - happy to help