Sorting within dashboard tables

I have created a dashboard that has a table view within it outlining all the information we have across multiple boards. The purpose was so we could see what items haven’t been updated recently.

Issue: We cannot sort the date column (or any columns) within this view. Are there any workarounds for this?

I have what i believe the same issue. We have dashboard views that combine information from multiple different tables. However I can not sort each table in the dashboard view. For instance our project managers work on multiple projects. We are creating dashboard views that will show
Table 1- all active projects filtered to specific PM;
Table 2- status of all open orders PM is managing
Table 3- Installation dates *** this is the one giving me heartburn. I can not sort by date within the dashboard. They are pulling in a random order.

Doesn’t seem like this should be too hard as the dashboard is a looking glass into data stored in different tables. We can sort in the specific tables so seems logical we can sort in the dashboard view of the table??

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