Sort Table View Widget by Column

Hi monday-Team,

I use dashboards to quickly go through projects with clients, grabing info from several boards and filtering the info to the specific client.
Unfortunately while it is standard to sort the table views in normal boards, this function is missing entirely in the table widget.

Please add this.

have you heard back from the team/ found a way to do it?

Unfortunately not.
But I would like to bump this topic.

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This would be an amazing feature… any updates monday>?

I also support the request to being able to Sort Table View Widget by Column, right now its just not useful to present data with no clear sorting, not even manual


Totally agree with everyone above @Monday: Right now, the dashboard is useless for us because of this!


Agreed, @Monday: this is a feature that needs to be added!

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I’ve see this in multiple feature requests but no feedback.

Seems like a very simple requirement to me, and necessary. Now that printing is almost impossible Dashboards are the only real solution and we can’t order the data.

Anyone seen any updates from Monday?


Hi Monday team!

My team and I frequently use the table widget in our dashboards. For multiple examples, it would be very helpful to be able to sort by column within the widget. Currently, we can sort by column in the board, which then reflects in the widgets. However, this is not perfect, as we use the same board for various purposes where we need to sort by different columns for each purpose.

We would very much appreciate it if this could be addressed!

Kind regards,

Hi Monday,

I was shocked to see we can’t sort data in the table widget. Please fix this!

Br. Emil

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Yes, we need sorting capabilities everywhere!
Please allow sorting in widgets!

Please update dashboard table view to have sorting, filtering and grouping just like board table view.

Yes please add this feature! Seems like a feature that should naturally be there already since the normal tables have the sort functions. But this is missing and it is quite frustrating.