Default column order in dashboard widget

When I create a table widget in a dashboard,
It seems like there is a default column order that I cannot change
And no way to hide or sort a column as well.
This is really annoying because dashboard is the only way to consolidate table information from different board

I second this question/request. I need to change column order else this feature is useless to me

Same here. Please add this to development (i.e. Add the ability to sort columns inside widget view). The filters work well to enable the widget to display the data requested, but results appear in an unknown sequence. The ability to sort by a selected column (as you can in normal boards) would be a great help.


or … at least don’t change the order of columns from the original table. Why do the column orders all change when i insert the Table into a dashboard as a widget?

I would appreciate having the flexibility to organize data in a way that is logical and meaningful within my chat. For instance, it would be helpful if the data could be linked to the corresponding row, so that if I move the row, the order remains consistent in my chart and in the ‘More Options’ section with the three dots. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have the ability to organize columns by choosing the ‘Sort By’ option. Similarly, I would like the option to select custom colours for the charts from the available options. Thank you.

This is one of many, many reasons why dashboards are so completely useless.

Inability to actually arrange what is seen and how it is seen… that is certainly no dashboard. Might as well call it a “see it the way Monday decided for you” board.

Does even have UX designers? If so, do they understand the needs of the workforce at all?