Drag and drop boards in Table Widget

I can’t seem to find a way to drag and drop or sort projects inside the table widget in my dashboard. I have multiple projects added to the table widget, but they seem to choose their own order to display in. Help?

Hey @stifoo,

Are you talking about the order that the groups from the various boards show in one table widget? Are you trying to move the groups into an order or drag and drop pulses inside a group/between groups in the same board from inside the dashboard widget?

A screenshot of what you’re looking at would be really helpful!

Julia, I have this same question. OP is referring to Board Title.

If you add a Table widget to a Dashboard and configure the widget to include several Boards, the Boards are not listed in alphabetical order in the Table widget.

Is there a way to make the Boards in the Table widget of the Dashboard show up in alphabetical order?

I hope this provides sufficient context, I am unable to include a screenshot due to the sensitivity of the customer information.

Thank you for any insight your team can provide here.


Hey Tim,

Right now we don’t have a way to order the tables in the widget. I am trying to find out what the logic behind the order which you see is and will update you!

Will move this topic to be under feature requests too :slight_smile:


@Julia-monday.com Has there been any word on this? I have created a dashboard that shows the status of several projects but it seems to place the projects/boards in a random order. I would like to be able to have them ordered numerically or alphabetically, or at least some kind of logical way. Right now there does not seem to be any way to re-order them.

This seems like something was overlooked.



i think this post is related to mine…


Hello Julia,

Same question here. What they (and I) mean is that the boards are added to the widget but the user can’t change their order.

As you (or someone) stated, the boards are added in the order they were created. But that’s not a good reference. The users must be able to order them according to their needs.

My example: I created three boards in the following sequence:

  1. Projects and dates
  2. People’s schedules
  3. Project tasks and dates

In the timeline widget I see people’s schedules between the Projects and the Project Task’s schedules, when in reality I need to have both Project boards first, and people’s schedule at the bottom. Currently that can’t be done.

I hope this clarifies what is required.



We could really use this feature also. I just imported a few hundred boards from basecamp and now it feels chaotic! eeeeeek. I love Monday.com. but I sure wish we could sort the board listing alpha without doing it manually. Hours of time will be spent doing this manually and then each time we add a board, we’ll have to do this manually. Pretty please add this feature! :slight_smile:


@Julia-monday.com checking in on this again, it looks like you have a few additional users who have validated the use case I laid out. Please let us know if this is on the backlog/roadmap and if resources have been assigned to it. Thanks!


Hi everybody!

About the sort of boards in the table widget- the order of the boards is determined by the order you selected the boards. So if I add board X, Y, Z, the order will be accordingly.

If you want to change the order you can simply select the boards in the order you wish they would appear!

I do agree that having a sort option would make life easier and I have passed the feedback to our dev team to review.


Hi @Danielle-monday.com are you sure this is correct? I have tried several times and I’m not having any luck.

Hi, please fix this as soon as possible. The dashboard timeline is the only timeline I know of that can combine multiple boards within monday. Without this option it is way less usable and inferior to other tools available.


This does not work by the way. I also tried changing the earliest dates within the board, this also does not change the order.

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I agree - this does not work - Have tried multiple times.


My work-around is to create a table widget for each board so I can sort them by drag-and-drop. You can filter all of them at once by text anyways with the Dashboard filter (not the widget filter). Only problem is, the Title or Header scrolls along with the table widget content, so it gets confusing …

Hi, I am having the same problem. Looked it up and found that this was first raised over a year ago. It is crucial that we have our boards or people in alphabetical order. We have hundreds of them. Sorting through them is chaotic. Locking the order to creation date makes no sense as we will be adding and moving things all the time. This is a basic work management function and needs to be addressed. Perhaps if the Dev team spent more time on issues like this that are over a year old rather than creating Llama widgets we could find Monday more usable. If there is no solution please can Monday provide a workaround


This has been in works for a long time. Any resolution?

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Agree that this is a feature that is needed.


Bumping this because not being able to choose the order in which the boards appear in the timeline widget makes the feature far less useful.


Yes, Bumping again as this is a feature much needed for all of us to continue using Monday.com to stay organized and present information to our teams and leaders in a meaningful way.

Optimal Solution: Ability to drag the categories in a dashboard to reorder just like you do in a regular board.

Can you update us on when this feature will be rolled out?