Drag and drop boards in Table Widget

I am encountering the same issue and it needs to be addressed

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Help, having the same issue. will have to use another tool if monday cant fix this. 5k views on this thread and no solution yet.

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I would like to say that this is a critical feature needed

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I can also support the request. Being able to choose group/item order in a Graph Widget would be nice.

Hi, has there been an update on this? Looks like many people would like to manually re-arrange the boards in the Timeline & Gantt widget in dashboards. Please help!


This is not true. It is ordered by when the boards were originally created. Tried your solution and nothing changed.

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Hi -

This does not seem to work as of 9/21/2021. Has there been any developments on this subject of moving columns on the Table Widget?

The same here, want to order the boards in a table widget. Someone gave the solution of a widget per board but it i am having many refreshing problems.

Just following this quickly and I think it’s connected to my issue. I’m working with a table widget in the Dashboards (pulling multiple boards in) and I want to be able to sort the columns like I can in a board view - specifically I want the deadline to be sorted in order of when the project (item) is due. Is this not possible?
I’m no developer but seems like common sense that this would be necessary…maybe I’m missing something…

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Hi everyone,
Today 12/01/2021 still no way to sort boards in a table dashboard view - Any news on this topic ? It’s mandatory for our team as the table widget view is CHAOTIC !
Please take in consideration this request !

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The calendars are organized by when the boards were created - ordered by the number assigned in the url link. As a work around, I duplicated the boards in the order I was looking for, archived the old boards, and renamed as original names. This got the list in the order that I wanted.

Is there any update on this? Sorting by date would be handy, and a way to integrate the Grouped Task names into a line on each Task would be super awesome.

I just want to add my voice to this request as well. It’s unnecessarily chaotic to not be able to choose the order of boards in the table widget.

Wow. 3 years, 30+ requests, and 27 votes. Such a simple feature and a common-sense requirement.

This is a critical feature that will help with efficiently managing multi boards.

It is now August 2022, and this still has not been updated. Can the dev team please add this to their next sprint?
Not being able to rearrange is a major feature that is missing.

I would also like to see this feature. I will share that I spent well over 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do it before googling and finding this post showing it cannot be done. This app’s purpose for my team is to keep us organized, and this organization feature is one we’d like to see.

Well thats really odd. Today I wanted to migrate from Jira to Monday. I spent unnecessary much time just to find out that such a core feature isn’t there. However more important for me would be sorting by group and! board in the Dashboard Gantt.
So maybe Monday is not designed for our company, where we want to assign tasks from different projects to one employee and where we need overviews of several projects for everyone.

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Upvoting this feature request. Critical to be able to manually re-order / sort groups and projects within the Table and Gantt widgets on a dashboard.

Helloo, is there any timeline or commitment for this feature?