Drag and drop Dashboard name´s list

Hello good morning.
The dashboard name´s are not sort, they appear in the order that each one was created.
There is no way to drag and drop every one to order them, or put them in folders.
Please we need to solve this… we have many dashboards active and is chaotic to show them…


As an extra feature request, i will add the feature of duplicate dashboards.

+1 for me

Or treat the dashboard as any other board and make it a board type ‘dashboard’, in that way it can be organized in folders together with other boards needed for a specific solution.

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Hey Everyone,

Ben here from monday.com! This is an awesome suggestion! I have gone ahead and passed this on to our product team so that they could take a look.

I especially like the idea of being able to add a dashboard to the same folder as other boards.

Please keep the suggestions coming, they really help us build our roadmap, and understand exactly what our users are looking for!

Currently, you can add dashboards to your favourites, and add it to a folder there.


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