Improvements to Table Views on Boards

The ability to have different table views for a board is great. Many of our boards have LOTS of columns. Most of the time users don’t need (or want) to see all of the columns. It’s just way too much.

So, creating a separate table view then hiding the unwanted columns and/or adding a filter can be very helpful.

It would also be great if a user could add a persistent sort (saved to the view) and reorder the columns.

Currently, however, when a sort is saved, it is saved at the board level, not the view level. Additionally, if a user changes the order of the columns on the new view, things get a little weird. If you use the keyboard (tab and arrow keys) to navigate through the columns, the selection moves according to the main table view and not the one you are currently displaying. For example, say your board is set up like this: Item, Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D and the new table view is: Item, Column D, Column C (Columns A and B hidden). When you tab through the columns, the selection will move as follows: Item, nothing selected, nothing selected, Column C, Column D.

Conclusion: We would like to have: 1) The ability to save the sort at the view level. 2) Have keyboard navigation through the board follow the sequence of the view currently being displayed.

I would second that request.