Conditional Formatting Column

Not just conditional formating, but many other options for formula column. I am sure that you are working on it. Would love to see best practices page for using formula column. I would be happy to share mine and learn what can I do with it.

Would be really useful to traffic light. We use risk scoring a lot so 0-9= green, 10 to 19 = amber, 20 to 25 = red.

It would be a great addition so we can intuitively deal with large sets of data

The new feature for Conditional formatting is great, but is it really necessary to have to create/save a whole new View in order to save the formatting?

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Hi @johan.n

Yes, this is the way the feature is currently built!

What would you prefer to see?

CC: @danaaviv

I’d just want to apply the formatting to an existing view that I’m using e.g. “Main table”. Not possible?

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We’d love for you to fill out this feedback here as well if you can :slight_smile:

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I would absolutely love to save my conditional color formatting to the main table view :pray:
I submitted a bug report before realizing that is how the feature is built, then I submitted a feedback form.

I think it would improve the functionality of the feature 10x!

Let me know if this becomes possible!

Thank you,


All of these features are great. I implemented conditional formatting on one of our boards and I really would love to see this being implemented in all our product backlog boards.

Having more then over 50 product backlog boards I find myself having a day job to keep all out boards the same after every new feature release. Keeping them the same is important to have the same workflow in every board.

To keep up with features like conditional formatting in our workflow it is important to have something as a master board Set Board as MASTER Board (Column Structure, Permissions, and Automations Applied Across Linked Boards). Worhout this it is to time consuming to add changes

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+1 on being able to save these to the Main Board view. This feature is useless to us otherwise, because no one ever remembers to go to a custom view if there isn’t a reason to have one.


@zlanich You can set the custom view to be the default one the board is loaded on, so people do not have to manually choose it every time the go there. But I do agree it should just be possible to save it to the main board view as well, as I do not see the point of the way they have chosen to do it now.

Yea, that’s what we’re doing right now. The confusion comes into play when people don’t realize I’ve created a custom view, and I have to constantly tell everyone in the company to switch to the custom (new default) view.

Hey all, thank you for your feedback!

Happy to hear that the conditional coloring feature is working well but we’ll be sure pass this along to our product team for consideration as I do see its value for the main table.

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming!

Cheers :slight_smile:

I would like to set conditional colouring based on a status column i.e. if Status is No colour the items in that row

I would love for the conditional formatting rules that are set to carry over to the dashboards when the list view is used. OR at a minimum that you could add conditional formatting on the dashboards.

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Being able to save conditional formatting on the Main table is still a minor and outstanding feature which would be great to see.


YES! But ALSO, it would bee great to have “If” options. Example, “IF Status is X make Column A red IF empty.”

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Hi everyone,

I’m Katerina from Stiltsoft.
Please join our discussion here: How do you work with tables in monday?
We’ll be very glad to know more about your use cases and needs.

Hi guys,

Our company develops the Smart Spreadsheet for monday app - hope it will help you to use Excel-like features right on platform.

You’ll be able to import/export your data (and boards with items as well) and work with it as a fully functional spreadsheet (filtration, cell formulas, conditional formatting, pivot tables, etc.) in one place.

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga

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+1 to resurface this request for this being in monday by default.