How do you work with tables in monday?

Greetings to all monday-lovers!

I’m Elena from Stiltsoft. My team is dedicated to developing apps that help users work faster and perform better.

Currently, we 're extremely interested in introducing a solution for working with table data in monday. In case you’re interested, feel free to share your thoughts:

  • Do you need to reuse Excel files in monday? Is it just one-time import to monday boards or do you add your Excel files to monday boards or docs?

  • Do you need to work with Excel files directly in monday?

  • Do you use tables in monday docs? If so, what functionality do you need there?

  • What could make your experience of working with table data on monday boards better (like formatting, calculations, creating charts and pivots based on the data, etc.)?

  • Any other feedback you want to share :grinning:

Feel free to reply in comments here or book a call with me to discuss your needs and use cases. We’re excited to hear from you!


Hi guys,

I’m Katerina from Stiltsoft.

Please share your ideas and feature requests with us, hope we’ll be able to implement them and make your work routine much easier.

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I love monday boards for their visual part and ability to make calculations directly there. But some of my tables need more complex calculations and operations on them. So I switch to Excel for that. Thinking of bringing the Excel-like work directly in monday makes me excited!


Hi @Alex_Yenko,
Thanks for sharing!

Seems that we are digging somewhere close to your case!

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