Formula column HYPERLINK()

I agree this would be very nice to have.

For some, one possibility would be using right-click on the formula cell to copy the link. Both Edge and Chrome will then allow you to right-click in the address bar to paste and go to the link. Edge allows you to use Ctrl+Shift+L as well.

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Not having this feature makes me want to go back to gsheets!

Would like this too. If you can’t achieve this, then at least allow the Link column type to reference the value in the formula column for the link URL.


Is there any progress on this matter?

It would be very helpful to have this capability!

I was able to get around this limitation, but I can’t say that it will work for everyone’s use case.

My workaround was to use an automation to post an UPDATE to the item under certain conditions. The text of the update includes a dynamically constructed URL that does show in the update as a Hyperlink.

This workaround also helped me overcome a challenge with Zendesk integration that I was encountering.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t put the link in the table, but it does put it in the item Update which may result in notifications going out to item subscribers. It’s a workable solution for us until more flexibility arrives in

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This would be really useful. Any progress or new workarounds?

I also could really do with this, not yet found a workaround

This could be really useful. Just spoke with someone who wants to link to the item id in a mirror column but that it would actually be clickable to the item. The thought was to use a formula of the board and then add the itemID but then it needs to be clickable…

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+1 from me. I simply like to create a clickable link using a formula and two columns, one for a Link to the shipper website and the other a text, providing the tracking number for a shipment. Something like this: HYPERLINK({Link_URL_Column}, {Text_Tracking_No_Column})

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@monday-team @monday-moderators

Any progress on this? Should be fairly simple to implement :slight_smile:

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I’m Katerina from Stiltsoft.

Please join our discussion here: How do you work with tables in monday?
We’ll be very glad to know more about your use cases and needs.

Is there any progress on this intended by monday?
Please reply this @monday staff. This would be a small but great improvement!


+1 from me too.

We need to generate tracking links that can be inserted into an email which is sent to the customer.

The send function needs to be as simple as possible so that our volunteer team can focus on the end user, not on the tech.

@WillK @eClaireS

There are recipes available in Column Magic that can help with this, e.g.:

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Oh this is great - thank you!

Thanks for sharing Your idea.

Hi guys,

Our company Stiltsoft develops the Smart Spreadsheet for monday app - hope it will help you to use Excel-like features right on platform.

You’ll be able to import/export your data (and boards with items as well) and work with it as a fully functional spreadsheet (filtration, cell formulas, conditional formatting, pivot tables, charts, etc.) in one place.

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga

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Hey @kkovriga ,
Can you please advise if this will enable us to import addresses to the location column?

Hi @eClaireS ,
You’ll be able to use plenty of Excel-like functions inside the Smart Spreadsheet. Here you may find the list of available functions to use.
If you have an already created xlsx/csv file, you’ll be able to import it to and continue working with your data inside the Smart Spreadsheet.

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Hello all, just have dicoverded that if you add a “http://” using the function concatenate on the formula column, monday will automatically add the link to the result of the formula… hope this help you guys, for us it has.

Example, a link for whatsapp

CONCATENATE(“http://WA.ME/”,{Teléfono Móvil})