Make Link column compatible with Formula column

Hello all,

For my work I need to substitute some parts of a link that has been placed in a Link column.
For example, will be converted to I need both columns, but I want to just fill in one of course.
It seems that the Formula column has a feature to implement my needs.
However, on List of all available formulas – Support, I see that Link column isn’t supported by the Formula column.
Why is that and could it be supported very soon?

For me, a link is <schema>//<host>/<path>, so I don’t see why it cannot be used in a Formula column.

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance


Still no reply? :thinking: Hmmmmmmm

I’m still waiting for a response. :expressionless:


I can’t answer if or when link columns might be supported in monday formulas. However, three other methods that you might consider:

  1. General Caster - available in the monday app marketplace.
  2. Integromat - third party integration tool.
  3. See below.

I have not used the General Caster app. But, I believe it would work for you. Integromat would definitely work. If you want more info on that let me know.

Finally, the third alternative would to simply use a Text column instead of a Link column. The main advantage that the link column has is that in addition to the URL you can specify the display text. Both will create a clickable link when displayed on the board.