Conditional Formatting of subitems

I would like to have conditional formatting available for subitems.
Usecase - I have a number of sub items that require a workshop / playback session. I would like to prefix the description of these with [TB] (stands for 'Touch Base) and set it so that it’s highlighted. That way - at a glance - we can see what things in the future require a meeting space / resource (including external). coordination etc. If this feature already exists, I’d like it so that I can intuitively find it.

We have the same requirement. I noted this is not in Monday road map.

We too need this ability.

At the moment, formatting on the subitem, isnt supported… as a sort of workaround… the nearest I can ben able to do to make subitems more easily identifiable, is to add a formula column in the subitems, then use a formula with Emojis… example below which helps like the following…
IF({statusColumn}=“Done”,:white_check_mark:",IF({PriorityColumn}=“High”,“:triangular_flag_on_post:”,IF({DateColumn}>Today()+7,“:mega:Overdue”,IF(LEN({PersonColumn})=0,“:warning:Fill in Person Column”))))
… I use formulas like this to guide people through filling in fields or highlighting errors in data…
Hope that helps, and hopefully Monday will extend the colour formatting to subitems soon.

Just to support these comments, we would love to see this too.

We are currently using the tables with the main items and individual project and the sub-items all the steps within the projects, but we would like deadlines and submissions to be highlighted to draw focus in. The only option is therefore to make all steps main items but the boards end up ridiculously big.

Supporting this request, would be really useful to have that.

Hi, we use the subitems to be showed in the Workload view. Would be great to have them in different color.