Conditional Formatting of subitems

I would like to have conditional formatting available for subitems.
Usecase - I have a number of sub items that require a workshop / playback session. I would like to prefix the description of these with [TB] (stands for 'Touch Base) and set it so that it’s highlighted. That way - at a glance - we can see what things in the future require a meeting space / resource (including external). coordination etc. If this feature already exists, I’d like it so that I can intuitively find it.

We have the same requirement. I noted this is not in Monday road map.

We too need this ability.

At the moment, formatting on the subitem, isnt supported… as a sort of workaround… the nearest I can ben able to do to make subitems more easily identifiable, is to add a formula column in the subitems, then use a formula with Emojis… example below which helps like the following…
IF({statusColumn}=“Done”,:white_check_mark:",IF({PriorityColumn}=“High”,“:triangular_flag_on_post:”,IF({DateColumn}>Today()+7,“:mega:Overdue”,IF(LEN({PersonColumn})=0,“:warning:Fill in Person Column”))))
… I use formulas like this to guide people through filling in fields or highlighting errors in data…
Hope that helps, and hopefully Monday will extend the colour formatting to subitems soon.