Accessing "Subitems Of" Boards? to get around conditional formatting limitations

Ok this is a random one, but here goes…

I am using conditional formatting to give a row a subtle color when it falls under a certain condition and it is so nice to have this visual confirmation at a glance.

But I’d like to apply this same formatting to the subitems. And of course you can’t on the main board. But is the “Subitems Of” an actual board that is just hidden? Is there a way to actually view this board somehow and put the conditional formatting on that too?

I’m guessing even if you could, it might not display on the main board, but can you tell I’m desperate for conditional formatting on subitems? :slight_smile:

I know this is a stretch, but Monday is so great that it’s hard not to just want to go that extra step because it feels so close!

Thanks in advance to anyone from Monday or anyone else for a hint as to how to do this.


I agree. It’s no longer just the items that needs tracking.

  1. Our team needs to know which subitems don’t meet conditions at a glance,
  2. Not just be notified or have to create a new view for each different conditions not met.
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Having conditional coloring in the subitems would be great. Being able to easily see what subitems need our immediate attention would be a dream come true.


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Agreed. Subitems have deliverables that would benefit from conditional coloring

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At the moment, you can’t do this (either put the formatting on the subitem, or view the subitem board directly)… the nearest I can ben able to do to make subitems more easily identifiable, is to add a formula column in the subitems, then use a formula with Emojis… example below which helps like the following…
IF({statusColumn}=“Done”,:white_check_mark:",IF({PriorityColumn}=“High”,“:triangular_flag_on_post:”,IF({DateColumn}>Today()+7,“:mega:Overdue”,IF(LEN({PersonColumn})=0,“:warning:Fill in Person Column”))))
… I use formulas like this to guide people through filling in fields or highlighting errors in data…
Hope that helps, and hopefully Monday will extend the colour formatting to subitems soon.

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We would love this. We have item rows which calculate from the subitems and we would really like to be able to highlight negative values in the subitem rows.

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