Connecting a workdoc to another workdoc?

I create a new work doc in a project. Now I would like to refer/connect/link to another work doc in the same project. I know I can copy/paste the url, but is there another way to connect?

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Hey Rio! At the moment, the best way to link two workdocs is with the URL like you mentioned.

However, if you have either of these docs in a Files Column in a board, you could embed a Table Widget here and you’ll be able to see the workdoc in the Files Column of the widget.

What do you think? Is this an okay workaround or would you prefer using the URL?

Hello Charlotte - yes, having a board with a File column definitely helps as an additional alternative.

Why I asked this was when I created the written doc, I expected to be able to connect (create a link) to another doc like you can in a Wiki. It just seemed something that would make creating cross-references a lot quicker in a written doc…

I was actually expecting the ‘@’ sign to show me not only people but also other documents and/or boards. So while you are writing a doc it’s a very “natural” way to connect to other people or documents in the system.


Hi! Agreed, a wiki-type document would greatly help!

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Hello, just wanted to ask - it would be super helpful for building for example documentation section, if you could easily create links between individual workdocs.
Is that functionality hanging in the backlog currently, or is it not even considered?

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Sorry if I use this thread.

In this video, workdoc documents are linked using the @ sign. Is this function no longer available?

Have you posted this in the feature requests? This would be very helpful.

If everyone vote for this feature request, perhaps they will consider adding it: Clickable Links Between Docs