Linking Workdoc to already created Item in a board

I’m creating a Workdoc template that links to a Board template. The idea is that the workdoc template is a brief of a monthly publish which consists of a set tile layout where the content changes monthly - requiring copy / graphics / proofing, etc. The initial brief is developed on the workdoc with tile headings which are Items in a board that subitems to undertake all the activities required from brainstorm to publish.

When I duplicate both items, the links from the workdoc to the board naturally link to the original template, not the newly created board - which already has all my items setup as these tasks are unchanging. Is there anyway to update the links in a workdoc without having to recreate items? My items have many subitems and I’ll be implementing a lot of dependencies. The workdoc and board are to be created each month.

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Hey @rachels! So that I can get a better understanding of what’s occurring on your end, would you be happy to send over a short screen-recording or some screenshots? I am testing this on my end, but think I may be misunderstanding the roadblock here. You’re welcome to use to screen-record :slight_smile: Please just ensure it does not include your sensitive data :pray: