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Hoping to learn from other construction companies that are using monday. How do you set up your boards, what automations do you use, and what are the most helpful features you utilize for your construction schedules?


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Hi, @kate1 - There are lots of construction companies using monday, and their board structures are all amazingly different from each other (from what I’ve experienced and who we’ve worked with, at least). The takeaway is that no matter what type of construction your company does - real estate development, residential custom homes, interior office design - monday․com can be customized to suite your exact needs and business processes.

One of the construction case studies in your industry is here: Customer story: Falkbuilt | which might give you some ideas to start.

If you would like to chat about your vision for using monday․com and do a bit of brainstorming together, we offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions each week in the community. You can book yours here: Customer story: Falkbuilt |

Hello @PolishedGeek - Can you please resend the link to book a strategy session? Looks like your second link sends me to the customer story again.

Hi Kate,

You can also ping @AnthonytheEngineer to get some insight.


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Thank you @ilia510 , @kate1 We are a 20 person Architectural and Engineering firm that manages projects as a CM/CA as well. Happy to share what has been a gradual learning curve over the last 6 months. If our structure works for you with daily staff reporting, project costing and schedule management - I am not against handing you a completed structure for you to start.

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Appreciate it @ilia510!

Hi @AnthonytheEngineer , I’ve been using Monday for some basic service work, but we are about to start using it for our construction management. I would be interested in seeing the structure you use. I’ve been slowly tweaking templates, but I think I’ve started to confuse myself with the many ideas/changes I’ve gone through.