Overview and refinement of Monday CRM for Small Sub Contractor Construction Company in Australia

We are a estimating/sales company based in Australia as a small commercial construction subcontractor that has been using Monday for a year or two but would like some guidance on how to correctly set up our entire CRM for the use of Tender submissions, Project management, Contract Management, Material Procurement, Client database and correct email integration for tender requests. At this stage we are using a program called Buildxact to estimate and generate quotes, purchase orders and invoices which syncs with Xero but would like Monday to integrate a bit better for our entire team. We have multiple boards to try and achieve this but it feels clunky and not very well set-up right now. The boards are as follows: Leads/Quoting Status, Follow up Board, Jobs Awarded, Jobs Lost, Contract Review, Sales Dashboard (Not great), Manage Orders (Project Management section), Factory and Warehouse Inventory boards, Jobs Completed, etc.

For our quoting, it would be great to track who the quotes have been sent to, the stage of the quote, automations for reminders to follow-up $ Value, Description of the Project and then the ability to move through boards based on the stage or at least a recommendation on a better way to achieve this.

Where help is needed is for someone to have a look at our boards, understand what we are trying to achieve and change/configure the boards so that we can achieve the best possible scenario and increase our chances of winning work, following up, creating a decent client database and to easily manage projects that are currently being completed. It’s important to keep in mind that we are a single trade so projects don’t typically have too many components unless they are staged. Consulting and understanding of our company and how to maximise our potential using Monday.com would be great and looking for a quote to have someone achieve this for us.

Please reply with your interest.

Hi Robbie,

We’re a Global Gold Monday.Com partner and specialise in Workflow and Content.

Your scenario is not uncommon and as such we have some packages for reviewing, improving and training on Monday.com that are very popular.

If you would like to learn more - please drop me a line?