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Hi we are looking for someone to help us improve some of our current boards with Automations. We would also would want to start looking at different apps that would work with monday for other processes with in our company. Would love to start the conversations.

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Hey Hector,
First off welcome to the community!
Quick Introduction. I am the CEO of Carbon Web, a web design and digital marketing company that specializes in growing company brands! Recently my team has taken the jump into creating applications. Before this we have worked with a couple other companies to develop and automate their work flow to increase productivity. My team has been using and automating our own account for over two years!

I’d love to chat with you more to get an idea of what your pipeline looks like, and what our team could potentially help with. My calendly is:
Hope to hear back from you soon!

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Hello Hector,

I would love to see how I can help your company. My company Kick Consulting has been a expert for 2 years. We specialise in optimising for businesses.


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Here at JT’s Cloud we are a Partner and specialise in helping clients with creating the workflow that works for you.
Also we can integrate apps and build custom integrations if the native integrations can not cover what you require to do.

Please feel free to book a meeting on below link for a no obligation free scoping session were we can go over your requirements:
Book Meeting Here

Kind regards,
JT’s Cloud

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Hi, Hector @Hector1286 - Welcome to the community!

If you are still seeking the right monday .com partner to help you, let’s chat. You can reserve a time with us here:

Polished Geek can assist you with automating your business processes and becoming more productive every day with monday .com. Our app CRO Flow was the 2nd place winner in the recent apps contest for Best Engineered, so we can absolutely build what you need if custom app development is required.

If you’re already on your way with another partner, I wish you much success in your monday .com journeys!

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I don’t know if it helps, but I invite you to discover our QR Code tracking App in the Markerplace (Beta). Other construction companies are using it to track the work in the factory or on site. Check it out here:

We are in exactly the same boat. Would love help optimizing our current boards and creating a new board that could mimic a different app we’ve been using that is slated to be be discontinued.

Hi @tammy_goins - Would love to chat with you to learn more about the app you’ve been using, and help explore how your workflow could be realized in monday․com!

You can schedule a time for us to chat here:

~ Deb Cinkus
Product-certified Partner

Hey @Hector1286,

I am Ilia and we are Bitskout, a app that allows you to add A.I. without coding to your boards to automate tasks, uncover new insights, and build new workflows.

Here are some examples relevant to the construction industry:

These are just some examples, you can find other types of use cases [here].(Share your monday apps! - monday Community). What clients love about our platform is that it doesn’t require coding and works via Recipes.

If you are interested, then we can schedule a call where we can take a look at your use cases together.


Hey Hector,
Nice to e-meet you !
Our company is in the Real-Estate services domain in US.
We have implemented during the last months and we have a huge roadmap to manage all the transactions / billing / project progress through
Will be happy to discuss and brainstorm with you.