Copy Boards and Folders

Our engineering team is new to I have the following suggestions:

  1. Copy a folder and all of its boards and contents. E.g. I have a ‘Template Folder’ with standardised boards, pulses & columns. I want to start a new job, but there is no way to copy the template folder and its contents when you right click. instead, I had to duplicate each board, then ‘move board to folder’ ‘job1’. Then I had to remove the ‘Duplicate of’ from each board name, which was time consuming

  2. Same goes for Groups. I had to ‘Duplicate group’, then ‘move group to board’. Because I have 2 job folders, with the same board name, I was not sure which board to move it too:

  3. It would be useful to shift-select many boards at once, and perform cut, copy, paste to other folders or the root. The copy command is the same as ‘duplicate, move’ but one less step.

  4. When importing a list from excel from my list of tasks, I was unable to select groupings for each task. For example, say I have 100 tasks, divided into 10 items per 10 groups. When you import, all 100 items appear sequentially. It was time consuming to then manually create each group in, then multiple-select and ‘move to group’.



+1 on this one feature. hope it will be avaliable soon.

Yea this was a pain point for us too when we started some of our bigger boards. I ended up making an additional column with the Group Title I wanted and set it up as a Status Column during import. It was easier to do a sort and multi-select and move to a new group. Not perfect but a decent work aroudn if you haven’t found it yet for the interim.