Copying automations to other boards

Hello everyone,

is there any way that I can copy an automation to another board, so I would not need to create the same automation for all boards?

Thank you!

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You could make it a template and then tuning it for the new boards.

Yes, but if i make some changes in the template then it doesn’t reflect in the boards created by the template without new changes, is that right?

Thank you for your help!

Yes, the template is merely a starting point for new instances.
In case of major changes, maybe it is esier to set up a new (modified) template and to use it in all boards (deleting the old ones, of course).

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Yes! I would also love to see this! Even as a template, I can’t get it on to another board. I’d love the option to duplicate and move to another board!


So this is actually possible but not if your second board already exists. When you fully duplicate a board, it also duplicates the details of the automation you’ve set up.

This may not help you if your boards all have very different parameters, but if you’re setting up several similar boards then it might be worth turning the whole board into the template, which will capture all the automation details as well. In some situations that might be easier than copying over all the details of the old automation.

You would then be able to transfer any items or groups from other boards, as long as your columns are the same.