Countdown to dates

We have timelines or dates, but want to see a countdown to that date. If there was a link column to a date or timeline start simply as a number to show how many days or weeks etc to that date. Awesome.

We have to use a separate iOs app to put project start dates in and see how many days or weeks we have to get our back-sides into gear!


This is something you could definitely achieve by using Formulas, or the General Caster app. Here’s how the Formula column solution would work:


Here is the Formula I used:

If you need to display working days, you could also do that with the Workdays function:

Here is the formula too:

I’m going to move this into a different section of our community, as it seems like it’d be a better fit to generate discussion and helpful ideas there :slight_smile:


Mmmmmm…… Formulas, means me spending over £40 a month on Pro and it’s only little me as you have no 1 user option!..… I think I’ll stick to spreadsheets :wink: