Formula to count days between date column and fixed date

I am managing tasks for an event that must be completed anywhere from a few days to a few months before the event takes place.

I want to create a formula that will count the number of days between the task due date and the fixed date of the event. So far I can’t find out what value I need to put for the formula column to recognize a fixed date instead of needing to reference a column.

I tried this basic formula but it is returning values like “45,570”, which is obviously not the correct number of days between July and September!

{Deadline}, (09/25/2024)

Help greatly appreciated!

Hi Vic,


DAYS({Deadline}, "2024-09-25")


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Hi Vic,

Revert the 2 dates.


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Thanks Gilles! That seems to have worked for the most part, but is returning a negative value (e.g. “-90” vs “90”). It’s not a huge issue, but do you know why it would do that instead of just showing it as a positive value?

That did the trick! Thank you!