Counting Selected Items in Dropdown with Formula

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a formula function to count the number of selected items in the Dropdown column. The column itself shows the number, but I want to make some calculations based on number of selections. Dropdown columns return a comma separated list of labels so I can’t use COUNT() (is for numbers) and there are no other text functions (like COUNTA in excel) that I can think

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Hello all,

Are there any updates on this ? I would like to count the number of items that is related to a specific value in a dropdown column.

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Hello all, you can add a formula column and enter {“name of dropdown column”#Count} to count the number of variables in your dropdown column. Let me know if that helps. If not, I can include screenshots.

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Hi! I’m trying to figure this out too. Could you add screenshots? Thanks!

Hey everyone! @highanddry @corentin.dalfarra @Cole @kzedmonds :wave:

As Cole mentioned, there is an option when including the Dropdown Column in a formula to include either the names of the labels or to count how many labels there are. Selecting the “Count” when building your formula will include the number of labels for that item for the rest of your formula:

Feel free to also check out our formula support articles for more information on how to build different formulas for different use cases:

I hope this helps!


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