Dropdown item in a conditional formula

I have a dropdown column that has the options “a”, “b”, “c” and “d” and a formula “If(dropdowncolumn#labels=“a”, 1, 0)”
If the dropdown is select “a” and “b” the fomula returns 0, becase it understand that it can only return 1 when the dropdown column is only “a”.
How can i creat this formula that returns 1 when the dropdown column contains “a” inspite having other labels or not

Hello @IvanGentil !

I believe this is what you are looking for:



Let me know if this helps!

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Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com


Exactly, Thanks!!!


Hi there…what if “a” is NOT the first label selected in the dropdown? the formula does not work work unless “a” is always first …what can i do so it finds the string “a” no matter which label in the drop down it is? Thanks!



Hi Rich,

The formula seems to work whatever the position of “a” or “VMware”.


What if we could break free of the Formula column? and write formulas that update any type of columns? What if a formula could update multiple columns at once? This is possible with the Advanced Formula Booster app.

Hello @coach34 , welcome to to the monday community! :muscle:

The formula should work no matter the position of the value you are searching for, as you can also see in my screenshot.

Not sure why you are facing problems :slightly_frowning_face:

Gilles / @GiannisKoukounas, thanks so much for the reply…not sure if our company enterprise of monday is on the fritz or maybe the column itself it busted or maybe we are being prevented from using formulas so not sure…so i re tried the formula and monday says its an illegal formula??? is my syntax ok? :man_shrugging:

one other input…a colleague went to chatgpt and it said to use this formula…the odd part is that I don’t see any “FIND” function in the monday list of useable formula functions! I tried it and it too is an illegal formula :grinning:

IF(FIND(“VMware”, SPLIT({Cloud Plays#Labels}, ", ")) = 1, 1, 0)




Check your quotes, they don’t look like straight double-quotes. You should always check the quotes when copying and pasting.

@GCavin first let me reply to your thought on quotes…with using a macbook there’s only “slanted to the left double-quotes” so not sure how to use “straight double-quotes”,

So here’s the latest…got this from same colleague playing around more and we have a breakthrough…this string below works! would like to understand why???..only thing i notice in the working version is there is more “blank” spacing between certain parts of the syntax he did and for some reason monday liked it…here’s the compare:

Suggested version: IF(SEARCH(“VMware”,{Cloud Plays#Labels},1)>0,1,0)
Working version: IF(SEARCH(“VMware”, {Cloud Plays#Labels}, 1) > 0, 1, 0)

Strange as it is working without blank space in my board. But great to hear you resolved it.