Create a formula or button that adds an input number the the existing number in the field - eg cumulative spend

I have columns for Weekly Spend (Number column - which needs to be manually updated weekly), Approved Budget, Cumulative Spend (Which needs its value to some how add Weekly Spend to the ‘current’ Cumulative Spend value by a formula or button or combination of) and Budget Remaining, which is calculated by Approved Budget minus Cumulative Spend.
Unfortunately I cannot find a way to increment the Cumulative Spend by adding Weekly Spend to ‘itself’ (if that makes any sense). We have the option in Button settings to ‘Increase number by Value’ - but it would be good to be able to ‘Increase number by Column Value’.
Other suggestions?

I don’t normally jump to the app that I work on, but in this case there isn’t a built in option to do what you want. I am part of the team that developed Column Magic, we have the ability to execute math expressions using our “Better Math” action.

You can create a recipe that is something like this

“When button clicked
Then calculate expression and store result in cumulative spend
and then calculate expression and store result in remaining spend

For the expressions you’d just do:
{Item's Weekly Spend}+{Item's Cumulative Spend} as the first.
{Item's Approved Spend}-{Item's Cumulative Spend} as the second.

Once you install the app, while creating the recipe, just search for “math” and you’ll see column magic: better math, and column magic: simple math. Both will work, simple is just basic arithmetic between two columns and stored in a column. Better math… well you can write more complicated math expressions.

The bonus about using this automation is they are real numbers, not formulas. You can use them in updates, notifications, and emails.

You can see the app listing here: Column Magic

Hi Cody, thanks for your response - I have added Column magic to the board, but when I go to build an automation, I cannot see any column magic options, eg by search math. I will keep trying

You may need to refresh the browser. monday be like that sometimes. If it persists, let me know and I can yell at he monday minions for you :slight_smile:

Sometimes it just takes a bit for monday to index your new actions in the automation builder too.


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Beaut, thanks again, seems to be working so far

Check out what the rest of the automations can do too. Quite a bit (maybe a bit too much!) in there.

Just to be aware, the free plan (after trial) is 100 operations a month, the recipe you created would use 2 each time. Our small plans are relatively inexpensive though.