Create a read-only column

I can use the API to create columns, however, I cannot see how to set permissions or to define a column as read-only.

In the case of an integration, we would like to avoid users to modify some of the internal keys/links. How are others integrations achieving this? I’ve seen a few that have read-only columns.

I don’t think you can set column permissions from the API. Can you let me know which integrations are having read-only columns? There is a column type “integrations”, but I believe that is still Alpha/Beta. The integration column type is kind or WORM (write once, read many)

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Hello @jleni!

As @bas said you can’t set column permissions from the API.

Regarding the read-only columns, you might want to check this other post with some information Bas shared that might be of use for you :slightly_smiling_face: