Create automation only on specific tasks within a list of tasks

Newbie to here- I am setting up a new hire onboarding board that contains numerous tasks for them to complete. I want to automate only specific tasks within that list that when marked “done” will notify a manager to complete an action on their side- The automation I run seems to trigger on all tasks marked as done which means the manager will be inundated with notifications- What am I doing wrong here?

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Hey @LeeB1 - My company has a similar use-case and I think this automation can help you out:

We’d need one additional status column with two states (Yes/No) and each item on your onboarding board would be marked with “Yes” - Notify the manager or “No” - Don’t notify the manager. This automation will only run if the status changes to “Done” and if it’s already marked “Yes” on the Notify Manager status.

@tanner_elevate - anything I’ve missed on this?
@LeeB1 - Let me know if you have any questions and I’m happy to help!

Many thanks Greg for your response.

I will certainly give that a try and see if that works as everything else I have tried hasn’t! I’ll let you know

Thanks again

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