I want to automate notification based on the availability of an employee

Hello everyone, I have 2 boards in my workspace,
Board 1 - Task - that assigns tasks to employees for coming week and also has a list of backlog task
Board 2 - Employee - that has the list of employees along with their holiday mentioned(PTO).
I want to add an automation in such a way that when a person is assigned to a task, it should check the employee board for the PTO(Holiday) timeline and then notify the admin that the employee is on leave.

I have connected the boards but I am unable to proceed with Automation rule. Kindly help


Hi Rishabh!

Your desire to automate notifications based on employee holidays when they are assigned tasks is a great idea for improving task assignment efficiency. However, the ability to create such specific cross-board automations directly within monday.com may be limited.

Specifically, while monday.com supports a wide range of automations, it might not be able to perform an automation that involves checking a timeline column in a different board and then triggering a notification based on that.

That said, our team at Rally Essentials specializes in crafting custom solutions and integrations for monday.com. We could potentially help you create a solution that better aligns with your specific needs. Feel free to reach out at omid@rallyessentials.com.