Cross board automation

I am a project manager and I am trying to help gain traction for in my organization. One of my potential super users currently uses a different more traditional PM solution. I think Monday can compete but there are some deficiencies. In this particular instance I believe there should be a solution or a work around that I just haven’t been able to identify yet and I am hoping someone in the community has some ideas.

I have two boards - one is a Roster and the other is a detailed Task List. The Roster is set up as a list of titles (PM, Engineer, Marketing Manager, etc.) using a status column for the titles, and a People column. The Task List is literally a list of all the tasks needed to launch a new product. Among other columns, it includes a Role column, to indicate the title of the person who is responsible for that task, and a People column to identify task owner.

What I would like to do is have the ability to pre-populate the Task List board with the appropriate roles and save it as a template (this to-do list doesn’t change much at all), then when creating new projects and inputting roles and people into the Roster board, have the assigned people automatically populate the People column in the Task List board where that title is assigned.

It does not work to mirror the column as I don’t want the Roster board to capture all of the tasks.

Not sure if this makes sense, but I could really use some help.

Hey @JIvan! Thanks so much for posting about this!

=I’d love to learn a bit more so I can make some better suggestions here. Is the task list the same every time? Is there only person who could be assigned per status/role?

What would you think of using this automation recipe? You could set up one automation recipe per status on the Task List board, so that each time you assign a status/role, the person who has that role is automatically assigned.

Let me know if this makes sense and would be a helpful solution for you!

Thank you Talia! I think I need a bit more. Take a look at my video and see if that helps clear it up (or confuse it even more! Eeek!)