Create Board Level Buttons and Fields

Would love to be able to show “Board-level” information as headers or an additional tab on the board. Perhaps a board is for a project for a particular client, and that information is relevant when doing an API call.

It could be included on every item for the project, but that takes an entire column and would be redundant. Why not just allow a board owner to add “fields” to the top of the board to show information relevant to the board that isn’t necessarily item-level material?

These could be used in automations as well:

“When [board-level button] is pushed, do [action] for each item on the board”

“When [board-level status] is changed to [something], send webhook”

Much like your board-level chat and the board description (in its simplest sense, a long-text field), other information bits could be added and arranged above the items in a header that could be expanded or collapsed as desired.

This information could be called in a get a board API query or changed via API as well.

I think it would be awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve used board-level buttons extensively in Trello and would love to see them in monday.