Create custom PDF documents or fill in PDF forms with Eledo within

Hi everyone!

Eledo is a PDF generator for easy and effective document automation. Build your template in online editor (or upload PDF form), define dynamic parts (text, images, barcodes…) with data expressions, save and you are ready to generate your documents. integration recipes will let Eledo know when your document should be created and to which column it should be attached. Set them up and enjoy your saved time!

To use Eledo you will need an Eledo account which you can create and use for free (no credit card is required). Paid subscription is required for higher amount of documents generated per month.

To create your document automation, you will need to prepare Eledo template with field names from your Board and Item. For example you can copy this public Eledo template to get a clue. Once you have your template, you can add integration recipe from app marketplace to your board.

Eledo App is not visible in marketplace yet, so you will need to install it with this invitation link:

Eledo is a product of Slovak (Europe) company with customers around the globe helping to save a lot of time for developers and users where document automation is required. We are new to and we are not a monday partner yet.

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome! You can contact Eledo here


Hi @lubos.husivarga this app reports subitems too? If yes, you can report main ítem and His subitems data?


Has anyone tried this yet? We export data to Excel then Import to another Excel file then create a PDF…this could save us a lot of time!


Hey @lubos.husivarga :wave:

Thanks for sharing an awesoem app! I’m definitely curious how it would work, and this is a highly requested feature all around :slight_smile: I’m sure a lot of users would find this helpful.


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Hey, nice app you made there :slight_smile:

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Hi @lubos.husivarga

Quick question.

I am trying to use Eledo to create pdf’s with dynamic content from

My question is - Can I pull dynamic imagens from a files column?

Each pulse from has a column with 2 or 3 images. I would like to pull these dynamic images to my document.

I can pull the dynamic text and links, but the imagens from the files column I can’t, not sure if I am doing something wrong.

If it is not possible, is that feature something in the plans? I am sure that would be very important not only for me but to a lot of people who use

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Hi All,

thanks for your questions and suggestions which helped us to improve! Also thanks @AlexSavchuk and @TMNXT-Dev for your appretiation!

Eledo now can:

We have updated our public template to demonstrate new features: Simple Board Item report for

Added quick guide to help you with Monday columns to Eledo data expressions mapping: Monday to Eledo PDF data mapping

And created a tool to retrieve Monday column’s technical names from your Board: Monday Board Data Structure tool

I hope new resources makes your life with Eledo easier, if not just let me know! @Aksalano you are welcome to try it, we provide free account and helpdesk as well.

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Yes I did sign up and attempted to use Eledo, unfortunately I could not figure it out, 2 reasons for that, 1st I am not familiar with what’s required to construct the form, 2nd there is not too much instructional info to help get started, some video’s would be great.

I believe that an app / tool that can easily export your data into a PDF is a very large benefit to users…hopefully the few apps available continue to rapidly develop and become very easy to use.

Maybe in the near future I will make a second attempt.

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Having a similar issue. I am able to make the template and create the integration, but when it runs it doesn’t put the information that I provided into the document.

It seems like the service is not quite there yet, but hopefully will be able to roll out all the way since this is one of the big features I’m really missing out on with monday.


Eledo looks great! Another alternative is DocuGen, a native app that allows you to create all sorts of documents (with or without templates) straight from your boards with the click of a button (or automatically with automations.)

Install it free from here: