Create hyperlink to board/doc in another workspace

Allow the creation of a link in one workspace to a board or doc in another workspace along the left worspaces panel.

For example within a department workspace, it would be nice to link to a board in the main workspace as if its in the departmental workspace. Obviously the permissions would come from the actual board.

This way a department can keep to their workspace but easily access needed boards in another workspace, including the main workspace.

An example use case is a company with several business verticals, that while their primary sales processes run independent, need the ability to easily view a main accounts board that is shared. While its not that hard to bookmark it, or add to favorites - this requires the user to do this. Providing our users with a defined experience, workflow, and process is critical to adoption. Salescritters are very change adverse - anything which they see as a burden to using a system is enough reason to ignore the system and go rogue creating chaos for the organization.

This would be great. We are running into this issue now, where a “special team” has their boards but also interact on shared boards in another workspace… But the manager of the “special team” wants all the applicable boards easily accessible from the same navigation.

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