Ability to make boards visible (cross tag) from multiple workspaces

Suggested feature: have the ability to list boards in multiple workspaces.

Why? Many projects and processes are cross-functional. Depending on how workspaces are defined within an organization, their boards could logically fall under multiple. This would allow users to access a board without having to navigate away from their workspace. It would also make it easier to find a board as people would look for it in the workspace based on how that process/project pertains to their work.

My case:
We have several workspaces:


Each of this workspaces have multiple boards. In M, G, S & P they all have their own ‘to do’-board.

In general we have a meeting board for when we gather with all the different ‘divisions’ in our company (same as the workspaces).
Is it possible to link a column to ‘to do’ items on the different ‘to do’ boards in all the workspaces?

So i could assign a meeting note to a task in to do board in ‘Sales’ or to a task in to do board in ‘Graphics’.

It seems like I can only link one workspace/board?

Hey @FMisplon, are all of these workspaces under different accounts? or the same one?

Hi they are all under the Music Hall account…


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Is there any update on this? I am looking for the exact same solution.

Also looking for this solution…