Cross-cutting Workspaces, mirroring Boards

Hi -

I have a Workspace for “Product Development”. Also one for “Marketing”.

When developing a new product, one of the sub-projects will be to create the marketing material. I want to keep that sub-project in the Marketing Workspace, but see it also in the Product Development Workspace as it is a cross-cutting concern which needs to be tracked in both places - the Product team need to see it and comment on it etc, and the Marketing team need to do the work and track in their workflow.

How is it possible to do this? In Wrike we could just add the same board to multiple workspaces with ease. I can’t work out how to do it in Monday.


Hi @networkfactory - Welcome to the community. Have you explored using mirrored columns to display the data in a second board for the Product Development workspace? Another option might be using a Dashboard table view that everyone can share to see active marketing material WIP.

There is a really nice app that won the last Apps Challenge called 1View. That may give you another way to create a shared workspace.

Right now there is no way to add a board to multiple workspaces. But workspaces are relatively new, so I’m sure you will continue to see improvements.

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