Creating a formula for IF({Timeline} = CURRENT) or similar execution

Does anyone know how to make a formula for if a timeline is current? I can pull the date of the Timeline#End or Timeline#Start and compare that to TODAY(), but what I want is to have a running formula column that I can use in an IF() function that shows only the current item. When pulling the {Timeline} into a formula it seems to just pull the first date.

The larger problem if anyone has a solution for this, is I want to mirror a days +/- column onto a master website project board, but when I do that the cumulative effect of the days difference column for baselines and timelines renders all the mirror options (Sum, count, min, max) useless for actually tracking the current state of a project.


Happy to help. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “if a timeline is current”?

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Got it sorted, but thanks!