Creating a formula for IF({Timeline} = CURRENT) or similar execution

Does anyone know how to make a formula for if a timeline is current? I can pull the date of the Timeline#End or Timeline#Start and compare that to TODAY(), but what I want is to have a running formula column that I can use in an IF() function that shows only the current item. When pulling the {Timeline} into a formula it seems to just pull the first date.

The larger problem if anyone has a solution for this, is I want to mirror a days +/- column onto a master website project board, but when I do that the cumulative effect of the days difference column for baselines and timelines renders all the mirror options (Sum, count, min, max) useless for actually tracking the current state of a project.


Happy to help. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “if a timeline is current”?

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Got it sorted, but thanks!

Hi Jack, I am trying to write a IF() formula to capture the timeline is current or not. Could you please help me with how you were able to achieve this?

Hello Jack, I’m also looking for the same formula - could you please share your solution?

@char_sumfen @pavanpalepu sorry just saw this!

So we run projects and they mirror on an overarching board, because I want to see realtime data on where the project is in terms of days behind/in front we connected every item but ran this formula so it would only show the current item on that mirrored column, rather than using the sum of all mirrored data or average.

We are also utilising a Baseline column at the start of the project, so as the project runs this formula constantly shows me for the current items how far we are behind/in front.

IF((IF(AND(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline#Start})>0,DAYS({Timeline#End},FORMAT_DATE(TODAY()))>0),FORMAT_DATE(TODAY()),“”)) = FORMAT_DATE(TODAY()), {Difference}, “”)

So, if the timeline is not current this will return back nothing, i.e “”. But if TODAY() falls within Timeline#End and Timeline#Start it returns the Difference column which calculates the baseline vs current timeline.

We had to use an app called Start + End = Timeline: to change dates also, that may be of use.

P.S If you get stuck on a finicky formula, use Chat GPT and tell it your issue and names of the columns as it writes in python and you can copy the code straight to it.

Thanks @JackHeadford that was a great help.

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