Creating an automation for Asset database Scheduled maintenance

Hello, I Have been looking for some type of recurring task for asset database to Preform Scheduled maintenance on the assets in our database. To be able to have it automate picking certain assets and have a list of tasks to perform on certain assets. Example: Personal Computer- maintenance–1. cleaning dust out, 2. perform updates, 3. clean up Drives from unused files, 4. Perform Virus Scanning. 1-4 would be a list of tasks performed on assets selected from the automation. and then be able to set a schedule for every 6 months to be performed again. Also, For Different assets have different list of tasks to be performed on a regular basis. Is there an automation integration for this? Or can a integration be made for this. Thanks for your help in advance…Really need something like this. Help

Hi There!

I just created one of these for asset inspection for a client of mine using the out of the box automations!

What you are essentially looking at is:

  1. Database of Equipment
  2. Inspection Board (Multiple Possibly per Location)
  3. Dropdown of Type and Status
  4. Automation of Checklist subitems to change parent item status
  5. MATCH automation to set up the connection of the equipment being inspected and status
  6. Recurring Task creation with drop down type of equipment that resets to the next time the inspection occurs.

I know that is a lot but happy to do a free consult if you connect with us here:

We always find ways to connect oyu data so your is you main business hub!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hey thank you for your quick response. I believe i can handle setting it up. just did not know where to start. I will see what i can get created and make it work.
thank you again for helping. Have a Good day. Mike