Creating landing pages in Monday?

Hey everybody,

I’d like to create a landing page that I’d like to be able to promote (through social networks, paid campaigns, etc) where the call to action would open a form for the lead to fill out and have the data entered into a monday board. Is there a way to create such landing pages from within Monday? Bonus points if I can use my own domain with this.


Great question! Sundae for Monday can help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for right from within Monday. Sundae allows you to create content in the form of Monday docs, and publish these as full fledged websites. The websites can be anything you can think of - documentation, help centers, blogs or … landing pages! Check out this simple mock landing page where the call-to-action or CTA opens a Monday form. You can use it with other forms too (Superform, Jotform, etc), or set a link to anything else.

You can add custom code to add Google Analytics or other tracking systems to track conversions and you can use your own domain.

If you need any help, feel free to ask here or reach out to our support!


Wow! Thank you! I’m definitely going to check this out!

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You can also watch this vid to see how easy it is to make websites and landing pages from scratch with this tool. Or, browse the Sundae blog, there’s plenty of information there—and the whole blog was published straight from the dashboard with Sundae.


Thank you, this is helpful!

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I created something similar using the dashboard, and embedding a form link at the end of the dashboard view. What I created was a “menu” page, so when the person selected the item in the form questions, they knew what was included when that item was selected.

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Hey Andrea, I’m not sure I understand your suggestion - can you please explain? Thank you🙏

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I utilized the Text widgets in the dashboard and then the embed widget to embed a link to the form.

The dashboard is a shared item and anyone can utilize the form link.

Sample picture below.

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But can you make this publicly accessible? (that is, outside of Monday)

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Yes, by sharing the dashboard.

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Apologies, it is achieved by sharing the dashboard view of a board, not an individual dashboard.

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Ohh… so it’s not a good fit for my problem, but Sundae is simple and easy enough to use and I even connected it with my domain! Thanks anyways Andrea🙏

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