Creating Previous Deadlines from Final Target Dates, Formatted

I have read all of the SUBTRACT_DAYS and FORMAT_DATE posts.
I can get both to work, but not together no matter what I try. I am not a coder by any means.
I have a starting column in which a calendar date is entered to give my team the end goal of a task.
I would like to create a column for “Setup Deadline” that is 5 days before that inputted calendar date as a target milestone
Simple - I use SUBTRACT_DAYS({Calendar Date},5), - I get the correct date, but in the wrong format. And I cannot figure out the sequence for format_date in the formula to get what I want.
End result I would like to see my formula return the initial column entry of Fri, Jul 30 as Sun, Jul 25
Even better if we can find a way to work in Workdays so it excludes the weekend.
Any help would be appreciated. I have been trying to solve this for hours


FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Calendar Date},5),"ddd, MMM DD")

Thank you - worked perfectly. Much appreciated

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