Creating tasks automatically by assigning comments on Google Drive files

Hey guys!

I’m looking for a way to integrate assigned comments in Google drive documents into Monday automatically.

Having the comments placed on the drive document makes it a lot clearer in context, and assigning comments on drive is a feature our team uses very often.

Is there currently any way of automatically creating Monday tasks through assigned comments? Maybe even see the comments as replies to the task on Monday, to be able to easily follow up through it, without having to open the file itself?


So has no one else found this need?

Hi @MaxCR86! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us - currently we are working on how to improve and enhance our google drive integration. I’d be happy to pass this onward to our team as feedback. I’m not sure in all transparency, the complexity it will take to pull in comments on a doc as new items but I wouldn’t rule it out either :slight_smile: Stay tuned on developments here! Cheers!

I would love to see that feature make its way in!
Will def stay tuned :slight_smile: