Creating unique item cards for each table within a board

I am looking to have a unique item card for each table within one of my boards (I have a total of 4 tables within this specific board). To my knowledge, this isn’t possible. I was wondering if anyone has run into this and potentially has any ideas/workarounds (or integrations) that could make this possible.

I’m not aware of anything, but you can add multiple item cards to the items. Worst case you can have an item card per board view that gives you what you need. It requires the user to switch between them, but at least it keeps each card specific to each board views use case.

This works, only issue is that if I set an item card as the default, it becomes the default for each board view/table. Is there any way to avoid this and have each view/table have its own default item card? Maybe with user permissions/roles?

Not at this time. This is a good feature suggestion though, add selection of an item view table to a saved board view as the default. I would suggest you add that in the feature suggestion section. They might actually get to it one day.